Another popular Class IV laser. I get just as many calls for this one as the K Laser. Many people get a 30 day trial of both lasers and decide for themselves. Depending on what you are treating, some doctors pick this one over the other and vice versa.
The Solo is our best selling hand held laser portable residential laser. We have tested it against other portable lasers and this one by far has given the best results and feedback.
LCT-1000 Laser
Class IV Pulsed

Teraquant Solo
Class III Portable
CLASS IV Pilot Laser
If you do not see a laser reviewed below you are interested in, we have more reviews available. Call me to get a review on any laser not listed.
Mix 5
Class IV
I currently do not have permission to write any reviews about this laser. Hopefully in the future they will give me permission.
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Teraquant Sport
Class III Laser

The Sport laser is probably the best selling Class III laser for professional use that I have found. This is the best selling commercial Class III laser also.
Class IV Laser classifications simply means the laser produces greater than 500 Milli-watts
The Q1000 is now on my banned cold laser list. This is no longer available and off the market. We have other options that don't have a ceased operation. Contact for other options.
This laser is rated at 808 nm and has only one button with 4 settings. It is one of the few that has been FDA Cleared and CE Certified. The power goes up to 500mW.
Class III Portable
Class III Portable
Class III Portable
ML830: One of the few medical device cold lasers approved by the FDA. This cold laser is used in more clinics than any other laser. Was one of the original Class III lasers
New Red Ray 7000+
Class III Laser
This is the most popular laser we sell to chiropractic clinics. This laser is our best seller since it came out. We offer a 2 week free trial on this laser to health professionals. This is more powerful than the earlier model. Price: 695. See the laser here. This laser is WITHOUT FDA 510K clearance.
A Class IV laser, 9 watt laser, 810 nm, therapy laser used mostly in veterinarian, dental, and chiropractic clinics. It's single diode can be pulsed or continuous even at 9 watts. Settings go as low as 100 milliwatts and is made in USA. See it here
Apollo Laser
Class IV Pulsed
Apollo lasers start out at 1/2 Watt up to 4 Watts. These seem to be the most popular among veterinarians. This is one of the best selling lasers in its Wattage range.
New Class III COLD Laser Review 
New Class IV PULSED Laser Review
Laser Review 
New Class III INFRARED Laser Review
This is one of the latest class IV lasers. Comes in both the 980 and 810nm diodes. Their 10 watt model, has a 940nm diode and is much cheaper. See my review here.
Update: This is now a ceased operations laser company.
Compare Class IV Lasers Here
New LZ30x Laser
Strongest Classs III Portable
The strongest class III laser on the market that I have tested. In 2010 they used to be called TheraLazr. This has dual 190mw probes and dual 500mw probes.
New LZR7 Laser
 Classs III Portable
The most powerful "cool" Class IV laser. Has dual probes and 5150mw of power. This is also made in the USA. I have not had any returns since this laser came out. Its the new Apollo Laser.
Call for availability of this laser.
Strongest Class IV Laser
This is the new upgraded 2014 versions oft the original Avicenna Laser. The Diowave series is the highest end you can get and is the strongest in the world. They make cold lasers from 7.5 watts all the way to 60 watts. See my review here.
New SIROLaser
Class IV Laser - Pulsed
This is one of the original touch screen lasers. This is a high powered pulse laser for those that don't want continuous. Super light weight and easy to use. is the companies site.
New LASEREX 3000

The latest version 3.2 of the Laserex 3000 is now out. This has up to 450mw of power and has a wide range of wavelengths. This version just came out and is much stronger than the older one. See my review of this laser here.
Note: The Laserex 3000 laser is WITHOUT FDA 510K clearance.
Class IV
Class III
Lz30x™ is a trademark of AvantWellness and Terraquant™ is also a trademarked name.Diowave™ is an official trademark of Technological Medical Advancements, LLC (TMA); all rights reserved. (including Diowave™ 30W, Diowave™ 15W, Diowave™ 10W). LZR7™ is also trademarked. The LCT1000™ and the Q1000 ™ laser is also trademarked and the Apollo Laser™ and Lutech ™ is also trademarked. The ML830™ Laser is also trademarked.
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 Choosing between a 10 Watt, 
15 Watt, and 30 Watt Class IV Laser
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This laser is from OEM Eltech in Italy and is one of the most popular dual wavelength lasers. It is the easiest to use laser on the market. This is a 50% duty cycle laser which makes it much safer to use.
...because every company said theirs was the best

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New LZ30p Laser
More affordable Classs III Portable
The new LZ30P laser has 80mw. It is not as strong as the LZ30X that has 250mw of power (two 125mw diodes). This retails for $1000 less than their stronger model.
I have now reviewed the latest Aspen lasers.
I have been waiting to get a dealership on these for over a year. If you notice, they look almost 100% identical to other lasers on the market. I used to promote the "other German made" laser that looks just like it. There is a long story behind this laser. I try to make their 30 and 60 watt lasers more affordable as most doctors can only afford the 10 and 15 watt lasers usually. The higher wattage lasers have no down time and don't have to be "cooled down" between patients. Call me for my unadvertised prices and offers.
Wearable lasers: This is my top recommendation for someone looking for an affordable class 3 laser that is using it for home use. The wearable laser I carry is also FDA Cleared now. I use this on my dog too. They have a pet version and human version.

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NEW 25 Watt 
LightForce® FXi


30 Watt
Pinnacle Laser

​Compare the 2 most powerful class 4 lasers in this power range.

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LIGHTWAVE ReAct Pro 2880 ™ and  

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New review for our site - Celluma Pro LED

I now have reviewed the Celluma Pro. They make several different models and have reviewed the Celluma Pro. The Celluma Pro is and LED, not a cold laser or a zplaser. I have not infused the Celluma pro like I did on my ZP lasers. With this many LEDs being infused instead of one laser like on the ones on the zero point laser page, infusing this with so many Leds would make it much more fluence. 

See my new write up on the Celluma Pro Here.
We now reviewed the Celluma Pro
See our
Celluma Pro Review

JOOV Red light therapy - wall device
The Joov light is the latest red light therapy device we have compared to Celluma Pro and the Lightwave. Contact me for comparison reviews.